Randwülf Floorplans
The only full floor plan of Neuschwanstein Castle on the net!
Click any of the floor plan thumbnails below to see its plan.  Don't forget to visit the other collections to see more plans.

TYLER 2 PLACE  (6270 sq ft)
Tyler 2 Place might look a little familiar to you.  I took the amazing Tippecanoe Place Studebaker mansion (also featured on this site), and reduced it from 26,000 sq. ft. to a more managable 6270 sq. feet.  Keeping the exact same external appearance, I modernized it by pulling the kitchen and dining up from the basement, embedding an attached 2-car garage, and updating the master suite with a bath more appropriate for today's expectations.  In fact, every bedroom has its own bath.  And check out that 3rd floor!  Frankly, I'm amazed I was able to get my drafting program to handle the complicated roof lines of this house!