Randwülf Floorplans
The only full floor plan of Neuschwanstein Castle on the net!
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DELLA HOUSE  (2921 sq ft)
If you like gardens, the you'll love Della House!  It is built around an inner courtyard with four gardens, a small decorative pond, and a flagstone walk path.  Start with a master bedroom with lots of glass overlooking the gardens, so you wake up with a vew of the flowers and fountains.  Step right out to it through the sliding glass door.  Add a library / billiards combination, which also keeps the courtyard in view.  Then add a family room, kitchen, and dinning area whose inner wall is almost entirely glass, practically bringing the outdoor gardends indoors!  A covered walkway surrounds three sides of the courtyard, leading to a gazebo-like covered porch.  The perfect place to breakfast each morning, even during a gentle rain.  Finally, close the courtyard off with a wraught iron fence and gate in front.  Or for more privacy, make it a stone wall, or even a covered stone gate house with solid wooden doors, like I've depicted here.  Note the master bathtub has a waterfall / fireplace feature visible through the picture window, which can be accessed from the back via the garage for easy servicing.  Or, I have a three-car-garage version, where the picture window simply views the front yard.