Randwülf Floorplans
The only full floor plan of Neuschwanstein Castle on the net!
Click any of the floor plan thumbnails below to see its plan.  Don't forget to visit the other collections to see more plans.

They finally built my dream castle, and put it up for sale at $12 million. What a bargain! With what I have in the bank, I only need to come up with an additional $11.99 million, and I can move right in! I came up with this plan just by watching the video specified in the image. I think this first draft came out pretty close, though there are a few minor descrepancies which I could resolve if I ever attempt a second draft. With 21,692 square feet, and 35.01 acres of land, it would make a great little winter cabin -- not sure I could squeeze into it all year long. If you watch the video, you'll notice I moved the dining table over a little to accomodate a piano. And the ratio of bedrooms to living areas seemed a little off, so I retasked bedroom 6 as a lower level sitting area -- especially since it has a porch allowing you to walk down a slope directly to the back yard. There's actually another entire level below the lower level!! The walkout basement accesses the back yard directly. It's currently unfinished, so after I add a big entertainment area, theater, and spa down there, I'll put the bed back in bedroom 6 :-)