After college, Randwülf recorded some of his own compositions at Attica Recording Studios, some written as early as age 12. His songs have aired on the radio program "Music to Heal the Heart", appeared in television commercials, been used in a documentary commissioned by the state of Iowa, and received unexpected attention in Japan's field of psychological research, studying their amazingly therapeutic affects!

He then built his own recording studio, EchoDynamic, producing more of his contemporary piano and New Age electronic music. He also ventured into some experimental ethereal/techno crossover music which he tounge-in-cheek refers to as "Baroque-n-Rock" :-)

The Soul Takes Flight  -- Single Thread of Light

Split In The Fraction  -- EchoDynamic

Twelve  -- EchoDynamic

What People Say  -- EchoDynamic

Esrom Eilatan  -- The Soul's Midnight

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