In grade school, Randwülf began showing amazing musical talent, learning to play and perform on a dozen musical instruments. Without advanced warning, his tutor began kidnapping him from his school, taking him to surrounding towns to perform solos and show him off. His technical ability was quite good, but it was his breathtaking delicacy and deep emotional expression for such a young performer that began capturing so much attention. He began accumulating numerous awards, and started writing his own compositions.

While only in junior high school, Randwülf was performing regularly at the Augustana College Choral/Orchestral Festivals, was a member of the Saint Ambrose College Chamber Orchestra, the Tri-City Youth Symphony Orchestra, and his school symphony. He played oboe in concert band, percussion in marching band, viola in a Renaissance quartet, and violin in rare table-top duets. He participated in piano competitions, and began tutoring students barely younger than himself.

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Single Thread of Light  -- Single Thread of Light
De Profundis Clamo Ad Te  -- The Torrent
Livingston Inspiration  -- Single Thread of Light
Le Fete Daisyene  -- Wide Awake
The Soul Takes Flight  -- The Soul's Midnight

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